Trading Calculator

The Forex calculator allows to determine all the important parameters of your trade such as the point value, contract size, swap, margin requirements

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Contract size


Point value



Spread, floating  Difference between ASK price and BID price by trading instrument

{{dataResult['spred_pip']}} point(s)


Swap long  SWAP charging for the position, opened for BUY

{{dataResult['swap_l_pip']}} point(s)

{{dataResult['swap_l_pip']}}% p.a.


Swap short  SWAP charging for the position, opened for SELL

{{dataResult['swap_s_pip']}} point(s)

{{dataResult['swap_s_pip']}}% p.a.


Margin  Customer's funds, possessed by a broker as a security when making trading transactions by a customer, and which are required for opening and further support of opened positions.


Currency rate Exchange rate of quote currency to USD


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